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Pre-race Gathering in Boonsboro HS

Mark Sells with his support Team, Richard & Donna and their hand-embroidered banner

Milepost 38, Mondell (or Taylor's Landing), looking north (toward the finish)

Nigel Elkan at Mile 38, bloodied and in need of a moment's rest

Russ Evans approaching Mile 38

Loretta Malander with Tim Ettridge (crew) at Mile 38

Neil Peruski applying some first aid with help from Tim at Mile 38

Jim Nagle and Joni Fehrenbacher (approaching) at Mile 38

Bill Turrentine at Downsville, Mile 46

Nigel Elkan at Mile 46, a few yards behind Bill

Bill Turrentine, first Reston Runner to cross the finish line

Nigel Elkan followed by Russ Evans approaching the finish line a few minutes behind Bill

Russ Evans at the finish line

Jm Desrosiers and Loretta Malander and one of Loretta's sons after a trimumphant finish for Loretta and a painful one for Jim

Two "day-after" shots of the JFK50 Team (Runners and Crew) in Reston Town Center following the regular RR Sunday 10-mile run