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Pictures taken by Cyndi or with her camera are indicated by [CLF] in the caption; the others are by me or with my camera.

Travel Day, 25 January

Breakfast at Dulles (Susan, Leslie, Pat, Connie, Lexie, Jon)

A Delayed but much appreciated dinner at the Coyote Cafe in Beaver Creek, after the bus ride from hell!

Will, Cyndi, and Bill Michie

Connie, Norm, Will, Leslie and others in the shadows

More hungry travelers

Off to the slopes!

Waiting for the Shuttle (Jon, Lexie, Cyndi, Bill, Linda)

The bus to Vail (Bill, Leslie, Jon, Cyndi)

This bundle in the snow is Cyndi at the bottom of a successfully navigated "black-mogulled" slope--she relaxed too soon (she's laughing!) [CLF]

Cyndi and Hiroko [CLF]

Cyndi in the singles line at the Mountaintop Express Lift (Vail) [CLF]

Jon, ready for another run (or lunch) [CLF]

Norm and Will [CLF]

Susan, Jon, Lexie, Linda, Connie, Bill, Hiroko, Will, Norm [CLF]

Ready for an early morning run down Born Free (Cyndi, Karen, Susan, Bill, Jon, Will) [CLF]

Yours truly somewhere in Blue Sky bowl at Vail [CLF]

Lunch at Peppi's in Vail Village

Susan, Leslie, Lexie, Jon, Will (there were 10 more at our table, all organized for us by Norm) [CLF]

Après-Ski Scenes

After a relaxing beer at Lionshead (Hiroko, Norm, Connie, Will, Susan, Cyndi)

Eating Out at Mirabelle

Cyndi, Connie, Bill

Norm, Hiroko, Susan

Hiroko, Susan, Cyndi

Smothering Susan

Jon and Lexie

Jon and Lexie (again!)

Leslie and Pat

Food at Mirabelle was pretty to look at (it was also delicious, as long as it wasn't vegetarian egg-rolls--ask Jon)

The Beaver Creek (BC) Village Center after Dark

At the BC shuttle bus-stop after our Chop House meal: Will, Bill Joan, Cyndi, Susan, Linda

Hanging out in the Condos

After a shared meal in the Armao (et al) Condo: Lexie, Jon, Will, Leslie, Connie, Linda, Pat, Bill

Cyndi looking like Cyndi [CLF]

Backgammon Fever: Susan, Howard, and Cyndi

Relaxing before the Friday party in Condo 108 (Lower) (Bill, Will, Cyndi, Norm, Hiroko, Susan, Linda)

The Club Party

Connie and Lexie

Gladys, George, Peg, and Pam

Jon and Lexie

Howard, Susan, Bill

Howard snuggling with Cyndi and Susan (Bill, Linda, and Charlie looking on)

Now it's Bill's turn

Jon, Linda, Bill

Leslie, Pat, and Linda

Cyndi (back view), Leslie, Mary, Pat

Susan, Cyndi, Hiroko, Norm, Connie, Lexie

Heading Home

Lunch at the Denver Airport (Susan, Will, Cyndi, Bill, Linda)