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Aunt Frances (we stopped to see her on the way to Boston)...

Aunt Frances, chatting with Barbara

Aunt Frances, smiling for the camera

Socializing at the Hotel on Friday...

Claire, Ken, & Larry

Aunt Florence and her Boys

Aunt Florence and Steve


Marion (Sally's Mom)

The Surprise Party on Saturday...

Our Mom, the 90 yr. old "Wonder Woman"

Mom with Dot & John

Mom with Dot

Carol & Rich and Family (Matthew, Mark, Alisha, Amanda)

Jeff, Josh, Jodi, & Jessica

Gary, Stan, & Kurt

Larry, Ginger, Ken, & Claire

Linda & John (David & Ethan on the left)

The Great Grandkids Hard at Play (Laura, Michael, Anna, & Noah)

Linda, Cheryl, & I

A Few of The Second-Cousins

Russell, Steve, & John

Barbara & Anna

The Twins Dressed Alike

Ken & Larry "Roasting" Mom

Stan & Russ Bridging the Years

The Ten Cousins Together Again
[To see what 50 years has done to this sterling group, click here.]

Enjoying Breakfast Together the Next Day

Bill, Jenny, & Cassandra

Barbara & Cyndi

Gary, Adam, Jean, Jessica, Jed, & Bethany

Some of the Great-Grands: Ethan, Laura, Noah, & Michael

Sally & Jeremy giving Mom the High-Tech Momma Award

Marion, the Other High-Tech Momma

The Birthday Girl at Breakfast

Jeremy & Hillary

Greg, Rodney, Pat, & Claire


Some of the Last to Leave