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On the porch before dinner, Friday night...

Eleanor (Florence's 93 yr. old sister), Danis, and Florence

Anna, Steve, Barbara

Molly and family (Teagan, Gavin, and Dennis)

The barbecue feast begins...

Eleanor and Florence, digging in!

Linda, Maia, and Anna

Russell, Linda, and Steve

Florence, Leah, and Alex

Molly, Barbara, Anna, and Eleanor (CW around the table)

At Party-Central, the Ausable Inn, on Saturday...

Teagan, Molly, Linda (getting ready to "pin" her mom) and Florence

Eleanor and Chase

Anna, Christine, and Tahlia (Dennis in the background)

Russell, Steve, Jonathan (with camera), Anna, and Tahlia

Eleanor, Molly, and Cate

Barbara and Anthony

Steve, Linda, and Anna

Tahlia, Anthony, and Chase

Alex, Eleanor, the singing cake-baker, and a beaming Florence as she soaks up an operatic rendition of "Happy Birthday!"

The singing baker and Florence in a mutual-admiration moment...

The spontaneous Leah, caught off-guard (and slightly out of focus)

Caerthan and Maia, with Jonathan in the background

Christine, Molly, and Leah

Molly, Gavin, and Danis

Danis, Leah, and Maia

Caerthan in a relaxing moment...

Two sisters: Eleanor and Florence (what beautiful nonagenarians!)

The party room scene (lots of backsides) before we sit for dinner

The magnificent cake the singing baker created

The celtic harpist (from New Hampshire) who provided wonderful music (with song!) during the dinner.

The harpist, acknowledging our applause (she turned to her left as I snapped the shutter - damn these digital cameras with delayed image capture!)

The harpist, full-face at last!

Russell, toasting and slightly roasting his mom

Caerthan, remembering and praising her grandmother

Tahlia with Linda, and Eleanor and Florence in the background

Tahlia, Linda, and Angela, with Eleanor, Florence, and Russell in the background...

Russell, Chase, Anna, and Steve engaged in what must be a serious discussion...

Danis, two Ausable Inn staff/guests, Florence, Cate, and Linda, waiting for that cake. (We've seen Florence's sweet-tooth in action, and it's raring to go here!)

Florence and Linda, still awaiting cake...

Anthony and his (and Christine's) Tahlia (what a party-goer she is, and at only 10 mos. of age!)

The whole family: Anthony, Tahlia, and Christine

Leah, Danis, and Jeffrey

Linda, Tahlia, and ??? (holding Tahlia)

Maia, hard at work with the camera...

Florence Opens a Few Gifts...

Danis, Eleanor, Florence, and Caerthan, with all eyes on Florence

Danis explains a gift to Florence, as Eleanor and Caerthan look on

Chase, Leah, Maia, Anna, and Russell watching the gift opening...

Danis, Eleanor, Florence, Caerthan, Chase and Leah

The crowd enjoys the unveiling of the family portrait of Russell and his girls...

Enjoying a little coffee, and Florence finally has her cake (or is that piece number 2?)

Steve and Alex

Eleanor and Florence sharing a remembrance...

Leah and Maia sharing something...

Eleanor and Danis...

At the George and Laurie Daniel's B&B (Keene Valley Inn) for Sunday Breakfast...

Eleanor, Florence, Steve, Barbara, and Anna

The birthday lady herself--Queen of the Banks Family. Happy 10th Decade of an already rich life, Aunt Florence!