The Taylor Family Record


By Mary Adelia Taylor (1893-1986?)

[Note: This history was prepared by Mary Taylor, affectionately known as Mimi, for the enlightenment of her family, especially her many nephews and nieces among whom I am happy to be numbered. The several personal asides in this record are directed to us, and, out of respect for her and her generous and fondly remembered attention to our edification, I have left them in this report. WEF]

Richard Taylor came to Plymouth Colony in 1630 and left late that year to take up a holding in Yarmouth, Mass. He was the first settler of that town, settling near the bay near the only rock in that section, from which he came to be called "Richard Rock". The rock is still there marked with a tablet, between Yarmouth and Dennis. A side road marked Hockanum leads to it. When I was last there in 1930 the second Taylor house was still standing and occupied. The original was of logs and was destroyed by fire before 1700. Tombstones of his children and descendants are still in the cemetery at Yarmouth (not Yarmouthport). He married Ruth Burgess of Yarmouth. She died June 9, 1693. He died Aug. 1, 1703. He has twelve children. The oldest was Ruth, a name which has persisted through generations. One son was Richard who was in the fight at Mount Hope. (I have all the names and dates as well as those of the succeeding generations if you ever want to see them.) One son, Elisha was surveyor and fence viewer at Falmouth. Another son, Shubel, was a lifetime deacon of the Yarmouth Church.

Elisha Taylor, son of the above Elisha, b. 1694, married Sarah Davis of Barnstable in 1717. They moved to Lebanon, Connecticut about 1730 having made the trek through Rhode Island with several pauses for settlement, He deeded his land in Lebanon to his son John and died in Mansfield about 1778. He had 10 children.

John Taylor married Rhoda Taylor of Barnstable in 1755. They had 5 children. Two of their children joined the migration to Vermont in the 1770's when all those Vermont towns named after Connecticut towns were settled. (Grandpa's* famous Cat-story referred to the family of Hezekiah who settled in Hartford, Vermont.)

John Taylor, son of John and Rhoda, born 1766, married Elizabeth Rouse. He died in 1813. He had 7 children. Here the names Miranda and Gurden enter the family. Two of these children migrated to Illinois. Moses lived to be 98.

Gurden Taylor, son of John and Vashti(sp?), born 1798, married Ruth Buck. They had 9 children, one of whom was your great-grandfather, another the great-aunt who brought me up and whose hope-chest bed quilt is now on my bed.

  1. Myra Miranda--1828

  2. John Sherman--1830. The Uncle John of Grandpa's stories. Drafted into the Confederate Army, fled to Mexico and waited out the war. He was a cabinetmaker and made me a beautiful doll's bureau. Grandchildren still in Waterbury, Conn.

  3. Maria 1833--lived 4 days

  4. Adaline (Aunt Addie)--1834 I have her bed quilt, too. She left it to her daughter Ellen who gave it to me.

  5. Fanny--1838--lived 1 years

  6. Elizabeth (Aunt Lib)--1839

  7. James Gordon--1842

  8. Gilbert (Uncle Gib)--1845

  9. Ellen--1849-lived a few days,

Myra never married.

Adeline married Wm. H. Evans in 1852--2 children: Wilbur and Ellen. Neither married. Ellen was Cousin Nellie whom Eleanor** and I used to visit in Middletown.

Elizabeth married William Young Otis--2 children: Lewis and Ervin. Ervin married Harriet Price. They had a daughter Frances who is now living in Hopewell, Virginia. She married Roscoe Carden. We correspond occasionally.

John married Sarah Cone--7 children. Lillian went to Arlington (More of grandpa's tales about her). Some of Bertha's children still live in Waterbury. I used to visit them when I was a child.

James Gordon married Adelia M. Miner, daughter of 'William and Rhoda (Hart) Miner, April 13, 1865--3 children:

  1. Ernest Willard 1866

  2. Fred Miner 1868

  3. Alice Ruth 1876

Gilbert married Jessie MacKay--3 children (All died unmarried):

  1. Myra Isabel 1888

  2. Lorain Gilbert 1891

  3. Helen May 1893

Ernest Willard married (1st) Grace Smith, daughter of Robert R. and Mary(Bronson)Smith'-1890--1 child: Mary Adelia-1893.

Ernest Willard married (2nd) Lillian Derry-1910--4 children:

  1. Eleanor Hart 1911

  2. Preston Willard 1912

  3. Florence Buck 1914

  4. Frances Derry 1914

You should be able to go on, from here.

Fred Miner married (1st) Stella Purington-1898--l child: Harriet Frances

Fred Miner married (2nd) Helen McCoy-1899--no children

Harriet Frances married George Norman Haigh--1 child: Cynthia

Cynthia Haigh married David Leventhal--1 child: Catherine

- - - - - -
*Grandpa refers to Ernest Willard Taylor (1866-1963), Mary Taylor's father and my Grandfather. Unfortunately, I no longer remember the "Cat-story." WEF
** Eleanor is my mother. WEF

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