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By Mary Adelia Taylor (1893-1986?)

[Note: This history was prepared by Mary Taylor, affectionately known as Mimi, for the enlightenment of her family, especially her many nephews and nieces among whom I am happy to be numbered. The few personal asides in this history are directed to us, and, out of respect for her and her generous and fondly remembered attention to our edification, I have left them in this report. WEF]

Clothaire 2nd, King of France, of the Merovingian Dynasty, died A.D.628 and was succeeded by his son, Dagobert lst. Among those who rendered Dagobert valuable service in overcoming the barbaric enemies of France was Lyderic, son of the Prince of Dijon. He married Princess Richelda, sister of Dagobert.

In A.D. 621, for having conquered and killed the tyrant Phinart, Dagobert bestowed upon Lyderic the government and life of Flanders; gave him the surname le Buck, and a coat of arms: Gohoy or et azur of ten pieces in the middle of an escutcheon gules.

In A.D. 640, Lyderic completed a castle which was called L'isle, since changed to Lille, now capital of Flanders. Portraits of Lyderic and several of his descendants hang in the Musee in Lille.

Rudolphus and Walter le Buck, knights of Flanders and descendants of Lyderic, went to England.

Walter le Buck fought under John of England, was present at the signing of the Magna Charta by John in A.D. 1215 and was given extensive tracts of land in York and Lincolnshire.

From these two knights are descended all the Bucks of this country. Emanuel, Henry and Thomas Buck were in Wethersfield, Connecticut at the time Emanuel's oldest child was born there in 1650. Thomas married in 1655 and Henry in 1650.

Thomas Buck married Deborah Hewes , October 10, 1665 and had a son Thomas who married Sarah Judd, May 12, 1709. 3 children:

Sarah 1710

Thomas 1717

John 1722--Died 1722

Samuel married 1) Sarah __?__, 2) Mary Kirby in 1656

Henry married Elizabeth __?__ in 1660.

Thomas Buck moved to Middletown. His first wife was Susanna __?__, for they were admitted to full communion November 15, 1702. He married Sarah Judd, his second wife in 1709.

In 1710 Thomas Buck moved to Portland, Conn. He had 17 deeds of land recorded.

Samuel Buck, grandson of Samuel above, was the son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Wright) Buck, born 1722, married Mary __?__. Mary died 1752. Married Hannah Wright, his cousin, in 1758. Fought in Revolution--enlisted 1781--, War of 1812 and Mexican War. (This was evidently a son of the second Samuel.) The second Samuel went to White River Junction on business and died there suddenly.

Samuel and Hannah (Wright) Buck had 13 children, among them Justus and Esther, twins. Esther married Ezekiel Goodrich. (I remember some Goodrich cousins when I was a child. They were children of Aunt Eliza Goodrich.)

Isaac Buck, son of Samuel and Hannah(Wright) Buck moved to Vermont

James Buck, son of Samuel and Hannah(Wright) Buck, born in Portland, Conn.--1774 (A long, interesting story about him in the Buck Genealogy. You can read it some time when you are here.) Married Ruth Matson, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Goodrich) Matson of Glastonbury, Conn. 12 children:

  1. Almira--1796

  2. Erastus--1797

  3. Samuel--1801 -- Had a son Isaac Newton Buck

  4. Thomas M.--1802-- From him was descended Dudley E. Buck*--1870. Graduated at Marion Sims Medical College-1893. Assistant surgeon at City Hospital, St. Louis, Mo.

  5. Barnard 1805-- His grandson was Dudley V. Buck*-- 1892. Settled in Buck Hollow between Glastonbury and Portland. Name recently changed to Apple-? Married Adaline Taylor. Was a free thinker and a natural-born mechanic

  6. Ruth M. --1807

  7. Adaline-- 1809

  8. Frances--1812

  9. James F.--1814

  10. Justus--1817

  11. Fanny A. 1819

  12. Horace B. 1822 Very interesting account of his life and his opinions)

Ruth Maria Buck--1807 married Gurden Taylor in 1827. He was the son of John and Betsy Taylor of Lebanon who was born in 1789

From there on the history follows that of the Taylor family,

Apparently the Bucks were sturdy, long-lived, thinkers, and mechanics.

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*These two [Dudleys] were supposed to have been named for an uncle Dudley Buck, the composer--1839--but I have no way of making any connection.

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