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[Note: The author/researcher for this paper is not known for certain but it is believed to be my aunt, Mary Adelia Taylor (born 1893, died 1986?) who provided this document to me many years ago. Unfortunately, I did not record any verbal explanation of the document she may have provided at the time. The document is essentially as she gave it to me. I have edited only one statement, describing Samuel Buck's military enlistments, where clarification was needed.]

The facts about the Buck family are taken from the genealogy of the Samuel Back family; the origin, history and genealogy by Cornelius B, Harvey; the Bucks of Wethersfield and the early Puritan settlers of Connecticut, R. R, Hinman.

Clothaire 2d, King of France, of the Merovigian Dynasty, died A.D. 628 and was succeeded by his son, Dagobert lst. Seven years before his death, Clothaire had proclaimed Dagobert King of Austraria, one of the three divisions of France.

Among those who rendered Dagobert invaluable service in overcoming the barbaric enemies of France, was Lyderic, only son of Seluart Prince of Dijon. Lyderic's mother was Madame Embarde, daughter of Guaid, Signeor de Roussilon, herself a princess of the blood royal. He married Princess Richelda, sister of Dagobert.

In A.D. 621, for having conquered and killed the tyrant Phinart, Dagobert bestowed upon Lyderic the goverment and life of Flanders; gave him the surname le Buck, and a coat of arms, which was the first coat of arms that are blazoned as being Gohoy or et ayur (gold and blue) of ten pieces, in the middle of an escutcheon gules.

In A.D. 640, Lyderic completed a castle which was called L'isle, since changed to Lille. The castle stood for several centuries and about it grew the city of Lille, the capitol of Flanders. Portraits of Lyderic and several of his descendants hang in the Musee in Lille.

Rudolphus and Walter le Buck, two knights of Flanders, and descendants of Lyderic, went to England. Henry 1st of England gave Rudolphus le Buck extensive domains north of the Humbre in Yorkshire.

Walter le Buck fought under John of England, was present at the signing of Magna Charta by John A.D. 1215, and as a reward of services and to induce so valiant a knight to remain in England, John gave him extensive tracts of land in York and Lincolnshire.

From those knights are descended all the Bucks of this country. R. R. Hinman, in his early history "Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut", page 364, says Emanuel, Henry and Thomas Buck were in Wethersfield, Connecticut, about the same time Emanuel's oldest child was born there in 1650. Thomas married in 1665 and Henry in 1650.

Thomas Buck, a settler of Wethersfield, married Deborah Hewes, supposed of Guilford, October 10, 1665, and had a son Thomas, who married Sarah Judd May 12, 1709 and had issue:

Samuel married (lst) Sarah _____, (2d) Mary Kirby in 1656. Henry married Elizabeth ______ in 1660.

Emanuel, Henry and Thomas were of an old Yorkshire, England family.

From the church records at Middletown, Connecticut, we learn that Thomas Buck moved to Middletown, and that Sarah Judd was his second wife, for Thomas Buck and his wife Susanna were admitted to full communion November 15, 1702. There is no record of the death of Susanna, but the marriage of Thomas Buck to his second wife, Sarah Judd, of Hartford, May 12, 1709, is recorded.

In 1710 Thomas Buck moved to that part of Middletown lying on the east side of the Connecticut River, now called Portland. Thomas was quite a land owner, for the Middletown records show twenty-seven deeds given by him.

Some of the leaves of the records are torn out, so we do not know who were the parents of Samuel Buck, who married Harriet Wright for second wife. But he was the grandson of Thomas and Sarah Judd Buck.

Samuel Buck was born about 1730 to 1735; married (lst) and had two children: Amos and Anna. Married (2d) March 22, 1758, Hannah Wright, born 1737, died 1831.

During the Revolutionary war Samuel Buck fought in the company of Captain Samuel Granger. He enlisted August 10, 1781. The Record of Services of Connecticut Men, Vol. 2, page 565, shows Samuel Buck's enlistments:

About 1790 he went to Vermont and died suddenly. It was supposed near White River Junction.

Florilla Buck, daughter of Samuel Buck and Ruth Goodrich, married Daniel Lincoln, lived in Cromwell and had thirteen children: Hannah, Isaac, Sherman, Eliza, Daniel - the others died.

Hannah married Hiram Morgan of East Berlin, Conn., two children - one died in infancy. Edgar married Nellie Woods. He died in 1926. Children: Ethel, Sarah, George, Frank.

Sherman married Sarah Norcott of Portland. Children: Emma, Charles and Carrie. Emma married in 1884 Herbert Ellsworth. Children: Ida, Emily, James, McClure, Oliver.

Sherman Lincoln served three years in the Civil war. McClure and Oliver Ellsworth served two years in the World War in France.

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